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BALI RETREAT - 12th - 19th OCTOBER 2019

Hey Sister

Can you imagine nourishing yourself in a beautiful natural and spiritually inspiring environment whereby you slow down, unwind and just be....
Join us in Bali for an enriching experience and an adventure of a life time. Explore the hidden gems and secret power-spots of this magical Island and discover the deeper layers within yourself.


This special 8 day retreat exclusively for women will bring you to places where you connect with nature & recharge.


Jane Shortall.jpeg

Jane Shortall (Ireland)

I am delighted to be the co host and ConfiDANCE facilitator on this wonderful and unique retreat experience in Bali. It will be the perfect opportunity for women to awaken the mind and body through music & dance.


The warm ups at each dance workshop will also include specific dance stretches and strengthening exercises to improve strength, body tone and flexibility.


"Dancing to music is one of the best ways to reconnect us with ourselves and others"

Lynn Vulligans .jpg

Lynn Vullings (Holland)

will be your go-to person for anything needed on this retreat. She will also facilitate the one-on-one sessions for a deeper guidance.


Lynn is the founder of Todays Rituals & her passion is to spread her extensive wisdom and knowledge with other like minded people from around the world.

Eva Aourah .jpg

Eva Aaorah (Bali) 

Eva is blessed with Dutch-Indonesian roots and based in Bali. She travels the world teaching her specialised style of Yin Yoga and sound healing workshops which focus on balancing and restoring harmony.


We start our travels in Ubud. Dive deep in a ritual journey as a group. Visit the holy water temple. Get pampered with massages and delicious nutritious food. We travel through the mountains to the jungle. Rejuvenate at the hot springs. Build a fire. Dance. Gaze at the stars. Be in silence. Swim in a waterfall valley. We finally end the retreat in a luxurious sea-side resort.

All of this as well as the daily yoga, ConfiDANCE workshops, strength and stretch, meditation, sound healing sessions, breath work, coaching while all along, empowering this ritual journey in synergy with the elements of earth, fire, water & air.


  • You have a natural interest in self development, exploration and/or spirituality and rituality.

  • You are interested in exploring the deeper layers of your being.

  • You want to get to know the ‘real’ Bali.

  • You like to meet and share precious time with other beautiful women.


  • We are not your average retreat!

  • We won’t make any promises to you.

  • We won’t heal you.

  • We won’t change you.

BUT We WILL let you be. We WILL give you space. We WILL provide a beautiful program that inspires to nourish your body, mind and soul


The Retreat touches down at 3 main places in Bali:


We will start our journey together in Ubud, and then travel through the Mountains in Central Bali to the North Shore of Bali.


We will be transported by our own drivers and travel in comfort. Promise!


  • 8 Days accommodation in a beautiful natural environment

  • All meals provided from dinner on 12th October to breakfast on 19th October

  • All transport during the retreat

  • All Rituals, workshops and excursions

  • Practical tools to integrate your experiences into your daily life

Cost: €1450

per person sharing a room.


  • Your international round trip flights

  • Indonesian Visa

  • Food & beverages (personal orders, laundry and additional services)

  • Travel insurance including medical, loss and trip cancellation 

Hello Sister



Thank you for your interest and trust on this retreat journey with us to Bali in April 2020


As we would like to make sure that this retreat is the perfect fit for you, we would prefer to plan a chat over the phone at a convenient time before you book! 


Please fill in the form below and we will contact you by text message within two working days to arrange a chat.

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Thank you. Jane will be in touch As soon as Possible

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