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@JSD we offer many different services, all relating to Dance Fit Lifestyle. Below you'll find information about the various aspects we cover in providing Dance related services to different sectors. If you have an enquiry you wish to discuss please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be delighted to talk to you.



Unique fun inclusive wellbeing wellness events & retreats incorporating movement, dance,yoga,mindfulness,meditation and healthy vegetarian food and juices. These events and retreats will rejuvenate and replenish the spirit, mind, body and soul but with a cutting edge twist as you will get your groove on, sweat, laugh and have fun!  We need to find ways to bring more joy into our lives and alternative ways to de-stress. When you combine music with movement, it immediately brings us into a more positive head-space. This allows us to move more freely, let go, and feel happier and more content. 



1.Think dark spaces, a serious soundtrack , laughs and an experience rather than just another class with the right lighting, dance floor, DJ booth, sound, energy and vibes. This kind of space is an excellent environment to encourage people to really let go!


2 We also carry out overnight and one day retreats in beautiful retreat locations in the countryside and by the sea with stunning views and in peaceful beautiful surroundings. COMING SOON...   wellness retreats overseas !


Who? People of all ages but particularly those working long hours in corporate environments. In order to have balance in our lives and improve our overall health, we need to take time out to recharge the batteries, unplug from work and move! is much easier to do this when the activity is within a community of people all dancing, moving, stretching to the same tune! 


JSD will add exciting, high energy, professional dance performances in any dance style or theme to your PR launch, promotional event, press launch, fashion show, festival, concert, TV commercial, film, charity fundraiser or party. The fresh, uniquely choreographed dance routines and costumes will meet and exceed the client’s needs, ensuring that the event is a successful and memorable occasion.

JSD will entertain your guests or work colleagues at any event by performing exhilarating, high energy dance routines, or alternatively, JSD will provide dancers dressed and acting as waiters who will burst into uplifting dance routines spontaneously throughout your event. JSD dancers are also available for creative choreography dance workshops in schools, gyms and dance studios.


A crew of JSD dancers will present dance master classes as a team building event in your company. The dance session challenges each individual to partake in a situation that is out of their comfort zone which is extremely character building. The dance session ensures that everyone involved works together as a team in a positive environment. The dance sessions are an excellent opportunity for the staff and management to work in harmony which boosts staff morale within the company.

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