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Recharge the battery

The one very apparent amazing thing about getting involved in an activity when you need to unwind, de-stress and recharge the batteries is that it will totally help to sort the head out. I literally had to to do that when I was driving my car to the West of Ireland last week to teach a dance workshop when it nearly blew up en route and the battery died! I literally saw smoke coming out of it from everywhere and I pulled up on the hard shoulder on the craziest busiest motorway in the middle of nowhere. I really thought my engine was actually about to explode as I whimpered in panic from the side of the road! When I realised it was not going to blow up, I grabbed my suitcase with my music, sound system and iphone etc and hitched a lift to Co Roscommon. It did not take long before a charming decent truck driver pulled up in his enormous articulated lorry and drove me to my destination. As he was driving me to my workshop, I searched google for a mechanic in the locality who kindly offered to tow my car to his garage later that evening. When I arrived at the dance studio, I felt like a nervous wreck, tense and bummed out because I was also late for the dance workshop. I took a few deep breaths, blasted on the music and started teaching some fun choreography to a group of the loveliest bunch of young girls. It took no time at all for me to completely forget about my car dilemma and get lost in the music, dance and laugh! In the space of a very short time, I went from this upset to having a blast!

It is also very touching when you find yourself in a bad situation when people whom you don't even know are so kind, helpful, decent and understanding .... it would have been tricky to have just abandoned my car on the side of the road and continue on to the dance masterclass in the West if I had not found this very obliging random mechanic who totally got me out of that pickle. My car was not fixed by that evening, actually it is going to take a while to mend so I took a train home that night and the next day my dad offered to drive me to another dance summer workshop which I was booked in for the following day. It was a perfect chance to catch up with him as we had a great old chat over a cuppa before we hit the road. The point is that you learn so much more about people, life and what is important to you even in a mini crisis. It is the challenging times that no doubt make us stronger and more appreciative of the great people in our lives and the opportunities that we have in life ....on another note, it is also very useful to do any short burst of activity when you feel frustrated as it relaxes you and helps you to recharges your batteries and face whatever your tricky situation that you might be in to tackle it in the best way possible!

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