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There are some days when you are just going to wake up and feel down in the dumps. On those days, you need to accept that feeling of low energy, it is like a cloud in the sky that will eventually pass but the trick is not to be hard on yourself coz guess what? EVERYONE gets that 'down in the dump' feeling. The problem is that this glum feeling can manifest into a downward spiral of negative thinking which can turn into a battle of self doubt, lethargy, lack of motivation and fear. So instead, become aware of that feeling, don't fight it, breathe it in and accept that is just how you feel on that day.

The thing is, we may not have the choice of staying under the bed covers all day feeling sorry for ourselves which actually makes the feeling worse. When you need that instant boost to help lift you up and tackle your busy day ahead, you need to think about John Travolta's strut on the streets of New York in the iconic movie 'STAYING ALIVE' and follow these 4 small steps to help you turn around your glum feeling to a positive one, it is called the.....

'THE JOHN TRAVOLTA STRUT MOOD ENHANCER' Here are the 4 quick and easy steps....

1.Think about one thing that makes you feel grateful for in your least a thought like 'I am ALIVE and well'

2.Although it feels like an extra effort on this day to shower, wash your hair and get dressed, you will feel instantly better, more refreshed and ALIVE when you do!

3.Make an extra effort to put on an outfit that you know looks and feels good on you preferably with a splash of colour in it.

4.Now here is the NEW trick to change how you feel on this 'down in the dumps' day.... before you prepare your breakfast, find the song 'Staying Alive' on Itunes, Spotify or wherever, crank it up loud and bust out the 'TRAVOLTA STRUT' what is that? you might is an overly exaggerated cocky walk with swag, flava & attitude, ok?! you do the TRAVOLTA STRUT around your kitchen while you are making your coffee/tea, preparing your porridge, cooking your eggs or making your toast. By the time the track is finished and your breakfast is ready to eat, you are going to feel lighter and a have an extra pep in your step as you strut that glum feeling have actually tricked yourself into pretending you are in a good mood simply by blasting on a tune and strutting about your kitchen while making your breakfast. When you leave the house, try to keep your strut in your stride by walking tall, shoulders back and head up just like John does in the movie but maybe not so cocky coz people might look at you funny and want to beat you up! The 'TRAVOLTA STRUT' trick is guaranteed to pick you up and help you cope with your day ahead. This is also a great preparation tool for getting in the mood to go out to a party or meet friends when you just don't feel like it....TRY IT!!

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