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The many benefits of a good ole mountain hike!

I was chatting to my friend the other day and we were talking about feel good mood boosters, "name one thing that make you feel instantly happy" she asked me, "hill climbing" I is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the all time best feelings in the world. Walking in nature is where it is at, preferably hiking up a mountain on a nice day with a buddy. My mum always said how all her worries disappeared on top of a hill! it is the fresh air, breathtaking scenery, beauty, colours and the sound of wind, leaves on trees and the rivers flowing.....sounds so Brady Bunch square to say all that but honestly, it is powerful how a hike up the hills can make you feel!

You also get a great workout as there are so many inclines which get the heart rate pumping and which gives you an instant endorphin happy high! You feel so free on that hill top and so accomplished on your way back down. You should also remind yourself on the uphill climb what an awesome workout you are giving your body for developing a toned tight ass AND your thighs, abs, arms shoulders and back also get a good seeing too, Yessssss!!... so MUCH more fun than working out in the gym!

People you pass by always seem to be on the same 'happy' mountain vibe as you coz they always smile! not one grumpy grunter in be in nature is ingrained in our DNA, we need to be outside more often and sunlight (Vitamin D) is essential for good health and bones. Hiking is a perfect activity you can do at any age!

Here are 10 good reasons to go for a hike -

1.Releases all anxiety and stress & enhances your mood

2.Clears the head for fresh positive thoughts

3.It bonds you with your buddy, partner or relative as you talk and walk (that person accompanying you also needs to know when to stop talking so you can take in all the stunning surroundings)

4.The views are spectacular

5.Lowers your risk of heart disease

6.Strengthens your core and tones your butt

7.Controls your weight & improves muscular fitness

6.Improves your balance

7.A hike is a perfect feel good healthy escape from the hustle and bustle of city life

8.Food on a hill top never tastes as good so bring a picnic!

9.All that fresh air helps you sleep at night

10.Hiking rejuvenates your mind, body & soul. It brings in fresh creative energy & thoughts.

One of the coolest aspects about living in Ireland is the proximity to the sea and the mountains. it only takes 30 or 40 minutes to drive from the city centre to the hills. The photos in the collage are all taken in the stunning Crone wood with incredible hilltop views of the city and Powers court Waterfall. Crone wood is located in the Djouce & Maulin mountains of county Wicklow. The drive is only 40 minutes from the city so there is no excuse, all you need is your raincoat & water proof shoes coz we live in Ireland & a get outta bed & get living NOW attitude, so easy so JUST DO IT!

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