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The Spirit of 'Strictly' makes me feel good!

On the final of 'Strictly Come Dancing' last night, the legend Len Goodman said to Ore Oduba "You are the spirit of have no background in dance at all" Ore did indeed win the coveted glitter ball and was against extremely close competition to do so because every single contestant was through the roof fab! It was just mind blowing to watch each person progress so much on the show each week. Ore was extraordinary in that he never had even danced before and literally became a total pro!

This was the first year I watched every single 'Strictly Come Dancing' episode....the blood, sweat, tears, joy of it can really feel the emotions of each contestant and understand how their journey on the show would completely transform their life. It is quite unbelievable to see just how amazing and competent each dancer becomes in such a short space of time. The incredible nerve and courage they build up in themselves to perform in front of millions of people every week is truly inspirational.

Daisy Lowe said that she now dances every day since she left the show and plans to continue to do so for the rest of her life. Judge Rinder said that dancing was the very best feeling he has ever experienced and that every single person no matter how old they are should hit the dance floor! The show is incredible, apart from a remarkable tight flawless BBC production, you can really feel the genuine support and close bonds created by each contestant, professional dancer even the judges and presenters are all on one big happy family positive vibe which makes the show all the more fun to watch. This show brings out the very best in everyone involved, it is so apparent how much dance can have such a positive affect on people at any age, even serious politicians like Ed Balls who danced like 'nobody was watching' and who was always highly entertaining!. It is a very touching and emotional experience to see what people can achieve through shear determination and focus.

Imagine how good you too could become at anything by putting your mind to it and being so focused, practicing daily and making a commitment to achieve your goal through determination and hard work. The difference between those people who 'make it' and achieve their goals in life is that they do not give up. It is resilience and the ability to keep going and bouncing back even when they feel like giving up that will bring about the true magic of change. We only really grow in strength of character when we overcome obstacles, setbacks and disappointments. It is 'keeping at it' no matter how tough it is that will eventually help us achieve what we set out to do.

Setting yourself up with a goal, however small will make you feel better about yourself. The worst part is thinking about it and getting started, that is why small steps are always advisable, step one is keep it simple!

Everyone always says you should write what you would like to achieve on paper. It is true, when you write it out, your thoughts become clearer as the goals are set out in front of your eyes, also when you write it down, the goals will appear to be way more achievable. What about picking up a 2017 diary/journal or notebook and in it, write 'small steps' on the first page, and at the back of the journal, write 'big steps'. In the 'small steps' section, write 3 things that you would like to do in 2017, it could be seeing more of your friends, walk somewhere nice in the fresh air at least 3/4 times a week, find an easy-to-cook healthy new recipe and try it. Each day, write out what you did to make progress in the 'small steps' section. Some days, the pages might be blank and that is totally cool, it would be unrealistic to be focusing on your 'New Step' program every day, just try to make a weekly habit of checking in on it. The 'big steps' might be signing up to a choir, playing tennis, learning the foxtrot, signing up to a photography or cookery course or doing something you used to and deciding to take it up again, maybe playing the piano, guitar or painting could be on that list. The point is write it down, start doing it, and eventually, it will become a lifestyle habit. The trick is not to set too many steps, just keep it simple, one or two easy steps and one or two bigger steps. The one thing that will really encourage and motivate you on your 'New Step' program, is to surround yourself with strong willed positive people who will make a difference in helping you achieve your 'New Steps' in 2017.

Watching 'Strictly Come Dancing' this year has me hooked on the desire to take new steps, put myself through fresh new challenges by learning a new skill and going back to activities that I used to love when I was growing up. When you are totally absorbed in an activity, you are being present, living in that exact moment which will make you feel good and which in turn, will give you the desire and motivation to want to do lots more of what makes you feel good.

In 2017, I want to play more tennis, bake deserts, go horse riding, go wake boarding and perfect my latino and ballroom dancing skills!!! I also only want to surround myself with the people in my life who make me feel good. What are you going to do for your own 'New Step Challenge' ???????....I am now off to buy the 2017 journal to write it all down!!!!!

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