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Often the hardest part of doing anything is to just start! I would always say begin with small steps, preferably 'dance steps' to loud music all alone, and keep dancing for one entire song. This will get the creative juices flowing BUT before you do that, check this story out which may inspire & motivate you to keep on dancing or do whatever you need to do.....

There was an article in the Irish Independent last week about dance which featured my own 'ConfiDANCE' initiative, a unique fun dance program to encourage women to shimmy & shake it up! It followed the journey of this Wondrous Woman (see the stunning lady in the photo below, well that is her!) & her first ConfiDANCE steps with me! This dance experience gave her the gumption to do so many more ballsy brave things in her life. She is now officially an unstoppable awesome wonder woman!!

Jess was looking for a dance trainer/choreographer on google & found me! she told me that she wanted to buy a gift to herself of private dance classes for her 50th Birthday Party, her energy was upbeat and warm on the phone, I knew I would click with this lady, and indeed I did, I loved her straight away!

She had not told anyone about the private dance classes, but explained that she just wanted to dance with confidence at her big birthday bash. The party theme was 70's disco which of course made my work as her trainer all the more fun, coz dancing Disco style in 70's flares & sequence to the Bee gees, Sister Sledge and Diana Ross is the best craic ever!

Jess also told me that she was a breast cancer survivor and that she was going to take every opportunity to live life to the full by taking on various challenges and do the things that she always wanted to do!

Jess was flying it at the rehearsal sessions so I decided to encourage her to take it a step further and to consider busting out a full on surprise dance performance at her party with backing dancers in costume on a stage for all her guests, I know there is nothing like a good scare to make us push ourselves a little harder but I knew a woman like Jess would be well up for a challenge like this one and of course she said "YESSSSS, bring it on, lets do this!!!" and so we practiced non- stop!

Jess was off the charts with her dedication and focus. I became more disciplined too because I always take it up a ton of notches when I feel someone is putting their heart and soul into their dance practice. There is also the accountability factor of working with others to encourage you to commit to a task, it will help you to stay motivated and driven.

Jess would film the dance steps and then go home and practice. The level of her dance skills & confidence were improving daily. I was enjoying the training sessions with Jess so much that I hinted on dancing with her at the party. I wanted to be her second backing dancer, I wanted to be part of this special performance with her!!

Just as I imagined, the night went fab! I was thrilled I got the chance to dance with this Wonder Woman AND we smashed it on stage....yes, the 3 of us in our 70's funk style glamour with Jess out front bringing the house down and blowing her party guests away....everyone immediately jumped up to dance after we performed, this is what happens when you have nailed a gig!!

When I was driving back from Kildare that night after the party, I was thinking why is it that an accident or serious illness is often the catalyst for giving us that sudden wake up call to start truly living. The idea of actually prioritising what we really want to do with our lives, how we spend our time, and who we decide to hang out with, the thing is that we often keep putting things off until it might be just too late....

"There is no time like the present to make changes and do things you wish to do or try, especially when time flies by so fast. Life is so fragile and precious & we should never take our good health for granted!'

Since the day Jess performed at her Birthday party on a stage for over 100 guests & her family, she has also hiked the entire 'El Camino' trail 5 times, created her own specialised wreaths and teaches others how to make them, danced front row at every ConfiDANCE class, (never missing a session) and driving all the way to Stillorgan from Kildare!

Jess is currently doing a 'Creative thinking and innovation Entrepreneurship' in Trinity College and nailed her first vocal presentation in front of her entire class and tutors yesterday. This all started with Jess deciding to learn some 'dance' steps and then throwing in a sprinkle of ballsyness & courage along the way. There is so much to learn from a setback but I don't think we should wait for one to happen to start really living & enjoying life,


Lots of Love,

Jane Xxx

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