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Catching the rays on a cloudy day......

I Love nothing more than when the sun comes out; everyone looks happier and everywhere looks nicer, you see, it is easier to feel more energised and motivated on a bright day but the trick is to try and keep up a sunny disposition on a cloudy day too, and as we all know, there will be plenty of those coz we live in Ireland

People (myself included) might wait for the sun to come out, or for the good moments to arise & for the opportunities to happen in order to feel buzzed up. Those surreal times, which pass rather quickly, are a great way to cover up for the fact that deep down, we may not really feel so good often enough and no other person except ourselves can change that...

There are many reasons we hold ourselves back from going after that 'thing' that would make us feel really good about ourselves, reasons being the fear of not succeeding, or that we are not good enough or the most common reason of all, others might judge us....

The reality is that nobody actually gives a S*%@, they are too busy focusing on themselves. Fortunately, I have stopped caring about what other people think, something that luckily starts to happen with age..... one of many great reasons to be a grown woman.

We tend to believe that there is something better around the corner and say things like 'when the sun comes out, I will....' 'when I have a new job, I will...' when the kids grow up, I will....' 'when I have enough money, I will....' "when I am in better shape, I will...." when the time is right, I will....'

BUT there will never be that perfect polished moment to start 'that thing' and you might end up wishing your life away saying I will!

Being interested and interesting are pretty good things to be, something that only comes about when you get busy living your own life just for YOU first! you will be the best version of yourself when you have your own special 'thing' in your life that takes all your attention....

Yesterday evening, a friend of mine told me that her sister was always passionate about music. She had wanted to know how to play an instrument her whole life but kept putting it off! Then only a few months ago, she decided to take up playing the piano. She was not interested in taking lessons but she had a musical ear so she taught herself how to play and practiced every day. One night in her local pub, she saw an audition notice for a pianist to play in a band. She had only been playing for 6 months and thought, what the heck, why not give it a go! Her attitude was that she had nothing to lose by going for the audition and guess what happened? she got the part and now plays gigs with the band!! Playing the piano was something she had wanted to do her whole life but being part of a band was a dream come true, the icing on the cake.... it changed her life.

It is a known fact that nobody on their death bed has ever said "I wish I spent extra time in the office or cleaning and tidying" things like never playing the piano, drums or Ukulele, or signing up for that art, cooking or feng shui class, playing a new sport, writing that book, dancing the cha cha, starting a new career, an acting class, a college course or whatever the hearts desire... I think we sometimes forget that we have one life only.

My latest effort on doing something out of my comfort zone is dancing to camera. I am also courageously putting some of the videos on social media. They are far from perfect, the purpose of the videos are not to say 'check me out dancing' but what would be nice is to think that I might inspire someone else to let loose a bit, maybe play a good tune they love and dance like nobody is watching (while having a cuppa tea or on a coffee break!) it will definitely give them a laugh if nothing else.....anyway the point is to have that place to go just for YOU, something that will float your boat, keep your attention and makes you tick on a sunny, cloudy, rainy or whatever kind of day.

This is the last weekend in June by the way, (YIKES!!) time is flying & on that note, I would like to share a great quote from Morgan Freeman in one of my fav ever movies 'Shawshank Redemption"

"i guess it comes down to a simple choice really. Get busy living or get busy dying"

I hope you have a lovely weekend in any kind of weather,

Love Jane x

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