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Use it, or lose it

Yesterday, I taught a 'Monster Mash' Halloween cardio dance Jam to a group of sassy senior women who were giving it loads and nailing the choreography like dance pros.....

There was way more fun going on in that community hall than in any other place I had been to in a long time. This is not a boasty toasty remark, but I do realise my choice of fab tunes and dance moves would make even the crankiest person smile, but this was different, I felt an instant good vibe the minute I arrived at the venue.

These ladies were friendly, good humoured and all smiles even before I pressed 'play' on the sound system. I was intrigued and I wanted to know more about their natural positive attitude and youthful energy and so after dance class, I asked them 'what is going on with the good craic vibes with you lot'? and here is what they said......

"I try to do some fun exercise everyday and meet up with people who make me feel good"

"I prefer the ageing process to the alternative"

"I finally pursue the passions I did not have time for when I was younger"

"I decided to become the star of my own life story and be true to myself, and because of that, I have never felt better"

"I reach out to others in need and keep my mind open to new possibilities"

"When I wake up I feel 76 & when I dance, I feel 26"

(I LOVED this one!!)

"I remind myself that one day I will die. Although it sounds morbid, this thought gives me a good kick in the arse to remind me to take advantage of the time I have left.

At some point in life, we will all experience a difficult time through sickness, loss, a breakup, heartache, pain, worry, stress, decline, fragility and ageing. Not a nice reality check at all, but it is good to be aware of these facts so that we may give ourselves an occasional 'good kick in the arse' and a wake up call. Thank you Nora for that one, it was brilliant and made us all laugh! (probably more so because of the way she said it)

On days when I feel anxious or low, I will make myself do some exercise, even if it is a brisk outdoor walk, or I will go and take a challenging dance class which will push me out of my comfort zone and make me feel nervous but I will always feel alive again and way much better after it.

I may have given these very cool wise ladies a fun dance session to 'Monster Mash' yesterday but in return, they taught me some seriously good life lessons.

Thank you to all of you dancing ladies from Evergreen Community Club who showed up for 'Monster Mash' cardio moves & grooves, you made my Tuesday a special memorable one,

Love Jane xxx

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