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Good 'Love' vibes

I went to a house party recently. It was a birthday celebration for a great friend. Like many days during lockdown, I felt lethargic, low in energy and not in the mood to go anywhere, let alone a party.

I had not been to a social gathering for weeks and felt out of touch with the real world. I felt crap, sorry for myself, I had dark roots (usually oh so blonde) and as we know, bad hair days do not help in sociable matters....

Of course there is always the option of making an excuse not to go to any party or event, but on special occasions like this one, it is about showing up for someone else, a person you love, so no matter what, I was going to this party.

Firstly, a shower is always an instant re-energiser, so is throwing on a summer dress and some make up. After doing those 3 prep moves, the energy level rises and a better mood kicks in. The tricky bit is often the decision process and then taking that initial step; it is the same for almost everything.

The warm welcome I received on arrival at that party was reassuring and the minute I walked into the garden and saw those friendly faces, I felt very good. After so many weeks of zoom and virtual interactions, it was such a relief to actually chat to people in real life. There is no doubt that when faced with adversity, or right now, a collective world pandemic, something as simple as quality time spent with others becomes extremely valuable and precious.

I left the party on a feel good high. Communication in person rather than on phones and screens feels real and natural. On the way home, I was thinking of the people who are there through the good times and bad, who bring us up when feeling down, who genuinely support us, in other words, those who have our back. I felt fortunate at that moment that I could list a few....

One way to survive this challenging time is to make a conscious effort to be around people who make us feel good. This can be difficult, even a trip to the shops can seem like a big deal, but the effort is worth it and here is why:

* Good vibe people help us feel mentally and physically stronger

* Good vibe people fill up our lives with great chat, heartfelt care and support and also give us a good laugh (laughing is vital!)

* Good vibe people are down-to-earth, optimistic and positive. Human beings thrive with healthy people vibes

* We feel happier when we spend time with happy people but also are aware that it is also impossible to feel happy every day, all the more reason to keep in touch with those who bring on the good vibes.

* Whatever you give out, you get back, so by sharing good vibes with others, it comes right back at ya! this can also apply to people we don't know but who we see regularly, like our neighbours, mechanics, colleagues, barista, shop keeper, waiter, bus conductor, physio, nurse, doctor and so on, even the small good vibe exchanges are a big deal in making a difference as to how we feel, and also in how we make others feel

Todays Jam is 'MEMORIES' a song by Maroon 5 and on Spotify.

It is a slow gushy mushy one but so good. The first line is...

"Here's to the ones that we got, cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not"

(Hint hint, appreciation for all the good vibe people who are here with us today)

Follow me on instagram jane_shortall_ for some tips and tricks but WARNING: busting out dance routines wherever is one of the hot fav good vibe tips!

Love Jane X

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